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SharkTale|Dreamworks - Whale wash sequence - Character setup for crabs (MAYA|Mel+customTools).

SharkTale|Dreamworks - Old Titanic sequence - Character setup for shrimps (MAYA|Mel+customTools).
Sinbad|Dreamworks - Boarding ship sequence - Character setup background CG/Toon shaded characters (including Kale) (MAYA|Mel+customTools).
711 Comercial|NickDigital,MTV - Rigged Video Vixen and Angel, animated, and TD rendering support (SoftImage3D|cShellScripting).
Sinbad|Dreamworks - Rigged seamonster (MAYA|Mel+customTools).
Nike Commercial|Digital Domain - Rig and TD support (MAYA|Mel+customTools).
Barnyard, The Movie|Omation,Paramount,Nickelodeon - Character Setup Supervisor, build a character pipeline, referencing setup to handle +170 characters, develloped custom bakery, develloped mySQL|XSI asset control tool (XSI\JScript+customTools).
SharkTale|Dreamworks - more shrimp scene.
SharkTale|Dreamworks - Race track sequence - rigged seaHorses (MAYA|Mel+customTools).
Sinbad|Dreamworks - more Sinbad Animation.
Labyrinth|Gigapix - test project - rigged, animated 354 armored plated knight. Setup automated bakery, and wrote reference scene tools for Maya and transfer tools for Maya to Lightwave using Point Oven.
Sinbad|Dreamworks - more Sinbad CG background characters (MAYA|Mel+customTools).
Sinbad|Dreamworks - example of complex rig for tentacle system, no flipping curve IKs (MAYA|Mel+customTools).
SharkTale|Dreamworks - example of complex rig for piranha, setup hybrid blendshape and spline deformer facial rig (MAYA|Mel+customTools).
SharkTale|Dreamworks - example of complex rig for seaHorse, setup tail twisting/curling rig (MAYA|Mel+customTools).
711|NickDigital - example of complex rig pose to pose rig with broken parenting + animated (SoftImage 3D).
Thesis|School Of Visual+ Arts - example of complex rig pose to pose rig with broken parenting for 4 legged creature + model + animated (SoftImage 3D).
PopTarts Commercial|Rhythm&Hues - lighting, compositing and rendering of CG toaster.
USPS Commercial|Rhythm&Hues - texture mapping, lighting, compositing and rendering of CG earth.
Barnyard, The Movie|Omation,Paramount,Nickelodeon - more example of rigging in action.
I,Robot|Digital Domain - rigging support for NS5 series robots. Automated rigging of piston, and 3 axis ball joints.
logo|ButterflyEffects -Build up network of SGIs and Flint, Modelled, Rigged, Texture Map, Animated and rendered internal project.
logo|Bates Advertising -Model, animated, texture mapped, rendering of internal logo project. Also devellop tools to auto update a flint(works with flames to) bin clips with latest rendering.