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Welcome to my reels page

This page is still in flux,
please find a selection of videos showing
some of the various projects I have been
lucky enough to work on.


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The videos shown are mostly related to my technical
capabilities showing projects I worked as 3D General
Technical Director Pipeline TD and specifically
3D Character Setup Artist - Rigging TD.

For more information see links below.

Shot Breakdown

Character Development

Research and Development

Richard III Theater Play
UT Austin Residency

Real-Time Facial Capture for theater.
Pipeline TD, US-French Theater Project.

This US-French collaboration included:

Testing and prototyping multiple software

Design and built pipeline to create 3D
blendshapes face assets in Maya;

Import tool for Touch Designer with FaceShift
data streaming.

Enabling theater actors through facial analysis
to animate facial expression of 3D characters.

For more information, see
Research and Development

P51 Visual Development Concept

Single Shot, Multi Camera Switching.
Experimental, LSUS.

This is video concept piece created while teaching at LSUS
to prototype and create (with quick turn-around) single shot
animation with a single 3D virtual camera tracking and
switching between multiple adjustable positions.
Some of these trackers follow the plane, move around the plane
target the plane from fix position on the ground.

For more information, please visit my

Research and Development page

Connect the Data

Concept Data Association Visualisation
Experimental, LSUS.

Experimental visualization done while at LSUS as a
collaborative 3D design exercises to prototype a
3D data corrolation tree... in 3D.

This visual concept piece was an initial test to
explore how to organize and large complex related
data sets.

For more information, please visit my

Research and Development page.

Virtual Character Museum

Tech Expose
Lead TD, LSUS.

This demo video shows the VR cave I help
setup, as well as displaying content created
with LSUS AVE students.
There was both some IT work done to get the GL
display system to talk to a client workstation
running Maya and some 3D work done to create two
distinct VR worlds that one could walk in.

The models were originally done in XSI,
brought into Maya to display.
Trackers on both the stereo glasses and a
free space joystick enable the user to naturaly
glance around by just turning his head and move
inside the world.
All in active stereoscopic vision.
(Pre Oculus Rift work).

For more information, please visit my

Research and Development page.

Lessmore Short Project.

Pipeline Work.
Consultant Technnical Director, Moonbot.

Setup pipeline automation to capture and
processing of large amounts of SLR still capture
images for rapid turn-around previewing in dailies.

This enable the stop-motion camera artist to
preview and process sequences of single frames
shot working with an editor, on set.

Virgin Media Launch

Virgin Media Cable Service Commercial,
Lead Technical Director, SO-Animation.

Supervised Technical Production crew in
parallel production of three character
driven CGI comercial for the Virgin
Media Launch campaign.

Build and manage pipeline tools including
asset referencing, character setup tools,
pass management, dialies build, render queue
and web shot/render pass tracking.

Provided IT support for both client 3D
workstations and server side (IBM Blade center).

For more information, please visit my
SO-Animation work

Sinupret Commercial

Flower Generation,
Technical Director, SO-Animation.

Proceduraly Generated large amount of flowers
for background seasons.
Also provided technical support for integration
with live action element, including camera tracking
import (to 3D software) and export to Eddie
(2D Compositing/Editing software).

For more information, please visit my
SO-Animation work

Spaghetti Cowboy

Cell Phone ringtone,
Project Lead/Creative Director, VectorMax.

Series of Short ringtone animation develloped
for Italian Mobile market.

The aim for this project was to design a very
quick way to turn around combinations of
multi-shot, 3D character driven ring tones.

Also prototyped web based (php/sql) encoding
and distribution solution for content delivery
using Quicktime/3GP codec automation tools
(pre-iphone) for streaming to Nokia cell phones.

For more information, please visit my
Vectormax Ring Tone
Character Development
or even my
Research and Development page.

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